Can “Spiders” Determine a Website’s Validity?

What is a search engine spider? A search engine spider is a software program, which follows the hyperlinks on websites and searches the Internet again and again for new content and new websites. The recorded web sites are then included in the index of the search engines. Further names for search engine spiders are web crawler, bot, robot, or simply, spiders. To learn more about spiders or click to find out about SEOClerks here.

How does a spider work? A spider is, in principle, nothing more than a web browser that works automatically and follows all the links on the web. After a website’s pages have been searched automatically, the use of (secret) algorithms determines where in the index the corresponding page is recorded in relation to a particular search term. If this search term is then searched inside a search engine, the user is shown the previously created index. That is, the search engine does not search at the moment of the search, but rather it displays the results from a previous index (which might be outdated).

When creating websites, spider information can be provided. These are located in the head area of the html page and include things like keywords, the title of the page, an indication of how often the spider should visit the site, etc. The extent to which these details are actually taken is unclear. The term “search engine ranking” refers to the specialized language of online marketing, in which results found for a specific query are displayed by a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

In particular, a search engine ranking can also mean the placement of a single website, which is in the list of search results. It is then said that a website’s search engine ranking should be improved or optimized in order to survive. Their ranking varies from search engine to search engine and depends on the parameters used when performing a search. How does a search engine ranking come about and how can it be influenced? Search engines process requests fully. They use certain algorithms, which are ultimately also responsible for the ranking, collection, and preparation of results.

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