It is important Maximize Weight Training

Achieve ideal body shape and fit the dream can be done in various ways, one of which is to make fitness a regular basis. When weight training, sometimes there are many things that you never noticed. When in fact have an important role in determining the development of the exercise performed.

Quoted from World Fitnes, FX. Erwin Santoso, a fitness and sports nutrition expert, outlines three things that are important in determining the outcome of your workout.

Not uncommon for people who do weight training just focus on the number of reps, regardless of the load lifted. There are biceps by lifting dumbbells 3 pounds with 15 reps times, as in a book written 15 reps, in truth strength capable of lifting up to 20-25 times. It will not take you more powerful biceps and big or fast, but it only adds to the biceps muscle stamina alone.
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Still Young but graying?

There is a saying that the hair is a woman’s crown. However, sometimes we become annoyed when he started appearing gray in the head. What we need to know about gray hair? Why can appear gray hair at a young age? The emergence of gray hair can be caused by many things. The main thing is due to genetic or hereditary factors. Gray hair may occur due to the pigment in the hair is not there anymore, because the pigment that determines hair color.

There are two types of hair pigment, which eomelanin and feomelanin. Eomelanin pigment usually found on colored people, such as Asians, Arabs, and India. Pigment is dark and black, so the hair and skin color will be dark. While feomelanin pigments found in white people. The yellow pigment. But that does not mean they have no pigment eomelanin. White people still have eomelanin pigment, but the percentage is less. People also have pigment feomelanin Asia, though not too much.
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Combined Exercise For Ideal Body

You certainly want to have form ideal body and a healthy body. There are various ways you can do to get it. In addition to diet and healthy lifestyle, regular exercise is also an important factor in shaping the ideal body as you desire.

The method is effective enough to help you get the ideal body is to combine weight training, cardio, and stretching. Consider the following further explanation, as quoted from the World Fitnes.

Weight training
You can start the day by doing weight training. This exercise can help you increase your body’s calorie burning. Include some different exercises to train every part of your muscles evenly. Squats, crunches, and push-ups, are some examples of bodyweight training can be done at home if you did not have time to come to the gym. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps for each exercise.
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Healthy Dating Is Like What ?

Whose name is certainly going to have effect our lives. Can have a positive effect, it could be a negative effect. However, it all depends on how we live.
Courtship’s fine, but to understand its limitations. Courtship “healthy” must be applied by the teens being affected. Well, how the hell courtship style we might call a healthy dating?

Healthy physical
Physically fit means no violence in dating. Even if a guy is physically stronger does not mean a guy can arbitrarily oppress women.
Emotionally Healthy
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Can Menstrual Pain Due to Stress

Every woman of childbearing age will receive monthly periods (menstruation). Frequent menstruation coming, accompanied by pain in the abdomen or waist. The cause of pain is likely to be due to stress.

Pain during menstruation or called in medical terms with dysmenorrhea, many women experienced people. In the United States alone, an estimated nearly 90% of women experience dysmenorrhea, and 10-15% of them experienced severe dysmenorrhea, which causes them to not be able to do any activity. And this will reduce the quality of life.

Of 388 women of Chinese descent in the United States, aged between 20-34 years, which were all newly married and intend to become pregnant. They are all required to have a diary for 12 months or until they become pregnant. This diary will record levels of stress, stress both at work and personal stress as well as any pain they experienced during menstruation arrives. Continue reading “Can Menstrual Pain Due to Stress”

Effect of Poor Gambling in Adolescents

Gambling is really a bad influence on life. Not only can make people spend their possessions at the gambling table, but also can make people depressed and fall into alcohol and drugs. This is especially true in those who like gambling at a young age.

It has been proved from research in the UK, of 1,000 teenagers and adults under investigation. As a result, adolescents who gamble more who use drugs and alcohol uprise compared with teens who do not gamble. Likewise, adults who gamble, they are at greater risk for using drugs and consuming alcohol than adults who do not gamble. The research is published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.
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Young Age Sex Cause Cancer Risk

Sexual intercourse at younger than 17 years is known to stimulate the growth of cancer cells in the organ content of women, because in the age range 12-17 years, changes in the cervical cells being active.
Keep in mind, when the cells were actively dividing (metaplasi), ideally not happen any external stimuli, including (entry) foreign bodies in the female body.

With the presence of a foreign body, including the male genitalia and sperm cells, will lead to the development of abnormal cells. Especially if it comes to injuries that resulted in infection in the uterus.

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Slim not Mean Less Nutrition

Many people want to have a perfect body and most of us are consumed ad to reduce weight or ideal body shape according to the ad. The problem is that we often experience insecurity as the body considered less or not ideal, either by others or by himself.

It’s what makes us so did not want to pay attention to your intake of nutritious foods that are nutritious as we think it makes the body fat or stretched. In fact, at this stage, nutrition is very important to note. Adolescence is a change from childhood to adulthood. At this time the changes were so amazing to us, both physically, mentally and socially. This change needs to be supported by the need for food (nutrients) are appropriate and adequate. Adolescence is a period of “vulnerable nutrient” because of the need for high-nutrient medium height. While we do not know how to meet the nutritional needs and are often unwilling to comply for fear of fat. Continue reading “Slim not Mean Less Nutrition”

Teens Most at Risk For Extreme Diet

Teens generally have poor eating habits. They usually often eat junk food, fast food, follow a diet for just a fad, stopped eating, and not getting the nutritious food needed by the body. Nutritionists said that extreme eating habits as it would be very dangerous.

A survey ever conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that extreme dietary habits of adolescents, along with smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, and casual sex would be at risk for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Adolescent eating habits and irregular extreme will also lead to serious health problems, even causing them to die.

Should they obtain nutrients for growth is usually absent. Very little attention to their diet intake of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, iron, and zinc. While parents can not always keep an eye on what they eat because the teens were already affected by the way he did.
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Increasingly Early Age Child Reaches Puberty

A child will show early signs of puberty, such as voice began to change, growing hairs on certain areas and breasts enlarged to a girl. For a girl, the signs usually appear by age 10 years and over and the boys, usually slower, ie at the age of 11 years and above.
But this time, the tendency for the child reaches puberty occurs at an increasingly early age, some girls have been experiencing puberty at age reached 7 years. And this can sometimes make them confused and difficult to deal with circumstances that are still new.

Why would a child tend to experience puberty in an earlier age? The experts at the Swedish Institute of Karonlinska trying to find answers from a variety of different angles. Previously, there have been several theories put forward by the experts to answer questions. Currently 12 European expert team was doing research for another three years and are expected to know the root of the problem and look for the most likely cause for this problem. Continue reading “Increasingly Early Age Child Reaches Puberty”