Erectile Dysfunction In Men Large Waisted

The man with a large waist are at increased risk of sexual dysfunction and frequent urination.

Thus the results of a recent study by researchers of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center, USA.

The study’s senior investigator, Dr. Steven A. Kaplan, E. Darracott Vaughan Jr., Professor of Urology at Weill Cornell Medical College of Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center and Head of the Institute for Bladder and Prostate Health at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, says the first study conducted comprehensively shows that obesity in men affects not only the heart and metabolism, but also sexual and urine tract.
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Unhealthy food collection

These foods claim to be healthy. Though abortion is no longer healthy.


In the ad often touted blend of hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa is healthy, but it is not as healthy as it looks Nutella. A woman was shocked when he realized that two tablespoons of breakfast contains 200 calories, 21 grams of sugar, and 11 grams of fat.

Then he sued the company to court … and win. In fact, if you buy a jar of Nutella between January 2008 and February 3, 2012, you are entitled to ask for your money back.

All Natural Breakfast Cereals
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Read Books Can Healthy Mental and Physical

Reading is a good habit because it will expand the knowledge. But hobbies are reading, especially good books, have more benefits from it as healthy mentally and physically.

In the era of Twitter and short messages such as this, the level of concentration of the person to read for a long time has been substantially reduced. Thus read a novel or a book can be a bidder.

Neurologist Baroness Susan Greenfield said, reading can extend the attention span in children and improve their ability to think clearly.

“A story has a beginning, middle, and end. A structure that will stimulate our brain to think in a sequence, linking the causes, effects, and relatedness. Done more often the better,” said Greenfield.

Reading will also enrich relationships because it increases our understanding of other cultures and helps us learn to empathize.
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Being Healthy with Acupuncture From Japan

Acupuncture, a word that is not familiar to many people in Indonesia. Another word acupuncture is acupuncture exactly where this term is translated from the original he says, is ‘acus’ and puncture, meaning needle and stab or puncture.

Needling is a technique of treatment which according to the book Huang Ti Nei Ching (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine) has been developed since the stone age, 4-5 thousand years ago, when the needle is made of stone.

In the original language, China, acupuncture is called Zhen Jiu. Jiu Zhen means needle and means of heating or fire. Zhenjiu called because stimulation of acupuncture points in the effects of heat (moxibustion) of a type known as a medicinal plant Artemisia vulgaris. Effect of heat from burning Artemisia posedis used to stimulate or excite acupuncture points that have been determined based on indications of disease.
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Various Myths About Beef

Any food consumed would have a certain maximum levels. It was intended that the body does not receive excessive intake which affects the digestive system imbalance. Meat is one of the intake is essential for the body, not even beef.

Not all people like and eat meat. For the beef itself, a lot of people are misguided due to some myths that accompany it. Like for example, Beef should not be consumed by people who are on a diet, and if you want halal, beef should be cooked until completely cooked. Some of these myths often makes people hesitant to eat beef. In fact, food is very important as a source of nutrients.

Of the many confusing myths in society about the consumption and processing of beef, most of it is not true. So you can enjoy beef properly and do not hesitate just because the news is slanted, should Observe some facts on beef following myths.
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Different Foods Cause Stomach Bloating

Imagine the fun when the party should end up with a bloated stomach.

Besides disturbing appearance, it can also cause discomfort because your stomach will feel ‘heavy’.

According to nutritionist, Keri Glassman, besides eating too quickly or in the consumption of carbonated drinks, stomach bloating can also be caused by some foods.

So, what foods can cause stomach bloating? Here’s the explanation.

Some Specific Vegetables
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Importance of Sleep Time Enough For The Body

Maintaining health is not just simply by eating healthy foods and exercising. Rest and sleep are also required by the body to get the time to regenerate cells and recharge. Therefore, getting enough sleep is very necessary.

Here it is the reason why sleep helps keep your stamina and health.

Sleep soundly stimulate great sex

If dinner by candle light can trigger mood again, then it’s time to catch up on your rest. Let’s face it, when you’re tired, whatever the task definitely lazy to work. When you sleep better seven hours each night, you will easily get your energy back for any strenuous activity. And after resting satisfied, your libido will also be charged when you experience ‘wake up call’.
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Generate Stamina with Aromatherapy

Aroma plays an important role in sex. Research shows, some aroma coming out of the body may react differently when sexual penetration takes place. There are scents that can make a person feel good, helping more relaxed, driving fear, relieve pain and even as an aphrodisiac (sexual arousal plant).

Excerpted from Intimate Medicine, here’s some scent that can improve your sexual performance and your partner.

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Importance of Maintaining Healthy Liver

Liver or liver is a vital organ that has an important function that metabolizes most of the nutrients absorbed by the intestines and detoxify by removing drugs, alcohol and other harmful chemicals from the blood stream and process it chemically so that these substances can be removed from the body through digestive or urinary systems.

Because functions are so important, we are required to maintain their health. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Here are some things that suggested that the liver and can stay healthy and function properly.

Choose the right foods

Eating nutritious food with balanced diet will make your liver function more efficiently so that the impact on overall health. In addition, a balanced diet also can regenerate liver cells damaged by hepatitis viruses, so it can form new liver cells. However, it is also important to take vitamins and minerals. But remember, excess vitamin A is toxic to the liver.
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Safely Using a Public Toilet

The way these germs enter the body is through the interaction you do with the objects that exist in a public toilet. For example, when it hits the flush on the toilet, faucets, doorknobs, or other objects that you touch. It is impossible also to avoid public restrooms because it’s impossible to resist the urge to the toilet, even if imposed on the body can cause problems, such as urinary tract infections.

Protect Yourself in Public Toilet

You do not need to be too afraid to use the toilet as there are ways to protect yourself from germs in public restrooms, among other things:

Items that you carry as purses, wallets or other items should not be placed on the floor of the toilet.
Before using the toilet, flush used to remove urine and other filth which is home battery.
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